Attention Steren Stores & Dealers

Join the exclusive Steren VIP Store Marketing program!

Understanding the program

As part of your conversion process and to further help you attract more customers to your store Steren and Chapter Sync have partnered to bring you an exclusive sales-boosting marketing program, backed by ChapterSync — all at steeply reduced rates thanks to Steren.

What You’ll Receive


Give your online presence a boost with a website that will drive traffic online and offline.

Content Marketing

Connect with your audience with content published directly to your microsite and social networks.

Automated Newsletters

Leverage our automation tool to send updates to your customers.

Local Advertising

Highly targeted and designed to drive traffic to your store.

To enjoy Steren Store exclusive VIP rates you must be or should be in the process of becoming a Steren Store.

Subsidized rates will apply for the rest of this year 2018. If and when you convert into a Steren Store, these rates will be grandfathered and apply if and when you meet agreed upon compliance levels and will be affected negatively if compliance is not fulfill. Steren store rates reflect a 50% discount from our regular-non Steren Store rates.

The ChapterSync Marketing Platform

Connect and build relationships with local community members using ChapterSync’s industry-leading marketing platform that allows your electronics store to relay the right message, at the right time, to the right audience.

Local Websites

Provide a superior online experience

ChapterSync™ creates stunning websites designed with marketing and sales goals in mind.

Optimized to Convert

Intuitive email optins, click to call, navigation and more. No matter the end goal, ChapterSync™ optimizes local websites to increase conversions.

Attractive, Mobile-Friendly Design

Each local website is built with responsive design, so it’s not only customized to the individual local market and electronics store, but it also looks stunning on every device.

Content Management & Automated Publishing Creation

ChapterSync™ distributes content on behalf of Steren Electronics with publishing automation. ChapterSync™ maximizes the use of one piece of content by transforming it for use on multiple platforms. Content is published to each local website, posted to local social profiles and distributed via email to local subscribers.

Listing Accuracy

Businesses listed accurately online rank higher in search

ChapterSync™ manages local listings on behalf of each dealer to make sure each unit appears on 70+ local search directories. This allows prospects to find local Steren retailers faster, no matter where they are searching.

Improve Placement in Local Search

Optimized and enhanced directory listings build search engine and consumer confidence and credibility for each electronics store.

Standardized Branding, Local Personalization

The information uploaded for each dealer listing is completely personalized to the location. That means ChapterSync™ can standardize each listing to Steren’s guidelines, but also include relevant local information, images and videos provided by the store.

Reputation Monitoring

Businesses listed accurately online rank higher in search

As a business owner in today’s online world, customers can build or destroy years of branding by posting comments and reviews online. Keeping track of online reviews is a challenge!  ChapterSync™ created a solution to monitor store reputation 24/7 in one centralized dashboard. Never miss another brand mention with real-time reporting.

Respond to Every Review

Monitor comments at a dealer level to see how things are going at each location. Capitalize on the good reviews and comments and quickly respond to the negative ones.

Build Store Reputation with Confidence

ChapterSync™ reputation management provides each dealer with the tools needed to acknowledge customer feedback, respond to issues and capitalize on positive experiences.

Improve Store Placement in Local Search

People aren’t the only ones who build trust from positive online reviews. When each store has positive reviews on sites like Yelp, Facebook and Google, major search engines begin to trust each dealer too.

Local Digital Advertising

Target Local Audiences with Highly-Relevant Ads

ChapterSync™ takes local advertising to the next level. ChapterSync™ uses real data to target people most interested in each electronics products or services. By narrowing down each market, the ChapterSync™ team can identify and display ads to users based on demographics, location, interests, search history, online behavior and more.

DIY Design or Simply Approve

One of the biggest hurdles in advertising is coming up with the creative. ChapterSync™ will create all the ad creative or individual dealers can send over their own creative.

Increase Brand Recognition

Through targeted local ads, dealers can be everywhere. While prospects are navigating the internet, store messages will follow them. This increases brand recognition and recall.

Boost Website Traffic

By targeting local customers most interested in electronics products and services, local ads become more relevant to the individual’s needs and result in more traffic to local dealer websites.

Flexible Spending for Better Budget Management

ChapterSync™ local ads are completely tailored to individual store needs. Adjust budgets based on performance, location and more.

Steren + Chapter Sync, the beginning of something wonderful.

Contact ChapterSync now to learn how you can start marketing your business to your local community.