Frequently Asked Questions

On the operation and benefits of ChapterSync ™
  1. What is the ChapterSync © platform?

It is an interactive program that allows you to synchronize and automate what you already do in the field of communications and what needs to be done to have more presence, more meaningful, more personalized and at the same time in more traditional and digital media and platforms.

  1. What is this platform for?

The platform of ChapterSync © allows, on the one hand, to amplify the messages to reach new audiences and at the same time it serves to establish communication and interactive promotion channels with pre-selected audiences and as specific as you wish and your strategy requires it.

  1. And what benefits does it generate?

It allows us to simultaneously draw up communication plans for mass audiences and / or as personalized and selective as we want or need and implement them in a simple, efficient and economical way. (more efficiency, better results, with less effort and less cost)

  1. Compete, replace or modify what we are already doing?

No, the ChapterSync © platform not only does not require the modification of what you currently do in the area of ​​communication, marketing, advertising and public relations, but, on the contrary, it is nourished and enriched with everything you have done in the past, they are doing in present and they are scheduled for the future

5. And if it does not compete, or replace content, what does it do?

First, it enriches the current contents by integrating them into the requirements / formats of the most popular digital media and platforms and, on the other hand, it generates contents that allow establishing, reinforcing and maintaining its image in the directories, search engines and selected digital media.

  1. Does this work affect our position in search engines and digital directories?

Yes, the intention of the platform and its functionalities is precisely to align these contents with these new communication systems to guarantee more accurate listings, more predominant positions and more significant appearances in the search engines.

  1. What processes does ChapterSync include?

In total there are 47 different functions included in the current version of our platform and from among them we will select and activate all those that are necessary to achieve the objectives that we establish.

  1. Can we mention some used more frequently?

There are several that are more used as they would be, in this case, those that will allow us to improve and maintain your:

8.1. (SEO) Position in search engines;

8.2. (Accuracy) Appearance and Uniformity in Digital Directories;

8.3. (Reputation Management) Maintaining the image and reputation of the brand at the highest possible levels;

8.4. (Bulletins) Creation and distribution of digital newsletters as often and as many different distribution lists as we deem necessary without increasing operating costs.

8.5. InstrumentXchange © that allows the free exchange of musical instruments among the participants

8.6. (Shopping Cart) that could allow us to sell shirts, caps and other representative products that could interest the audience, etc.

  1. There are different types of content?

Yes, the platform will be powered by both general interest content and regional, state and local content in various formats that may include text, audio and video

  1. And how are these contents handled and distributed?

This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages that ChapterSync © offers, since it allows not only to create these contents but also stores them in the “Banco de Contenidos ©” and allows their programmed distribution in different media, formats and public for as long as is desired

  1. Is there a limit to the amount of content that can be generated and distributed?

Do not.

  1. And if new technologies appear?

ChapterSync is designed with the future in mind.

If new media appear, they will be easily integrated into the platform;

If new technologies appear they will be integrated into the platform with the additional advantage that thanks to the centralization of content they can be massively modified so that they can, with a minimum of time, effort and cost, take advantage of new technologies as much as possible.

  1. And if new media appear?

The same centralization of contents allows to recycle them to reuse them in an efficient way in the new media that are appearing with the modifications, of course, that the new medium requires.

  1. Who determines the type of content that should be created?

You determine guidelines, editorial lines, priorities and objectives

  1. Who develops these contents?

We will have a production team that includes reporters, editors, editors and supervisors who will elaborate them supported by a production and post-production team that will guarantee the best possible content, with the best possible physical characteristics

  1. And if we want or are producing content?

You can develop them and feed them to the platform for distribution

  1. The distribution lists are modifiable?

Absolutely. The mailing lists generated through our platform are evolutionary and are modified and recreated according to the communication needs, success or limitations that the processes show.

  1. Are results measured?

All the time at each moment what you distribute is measured and these analytical measurements are available to you 24 hours a day, every day of the year for your consultation and analysis.

  1. And the strategies that do not work?

They will be analyzed in detail to know the reason for their poor performance and modified or replaced to ensure maximum efficiency

  1. Can the contents be multilingual?


  1. Will they reach the media?

Absolutely, one of the objectives is to arrive with more content, more meaningful, more media, more selected for each type of message.

  1. Does the ChapterSync have its own means?

No, but in conjunction with WORLDmediaNETWORKS we have access to almost a dozen media that will reproduce the content we will produce for you whenever it is convenient and related to your audience.

  1. And how much of our time do they need?

Only the necessary to establish its objectives and editorial guidelines.

Everything else, if you wish, will be done by our staff

  1. But can we provide content when we wish?


  1. Can you summarize what benefits we receive using your platform?

Without distracting them from their current occupations, we will develop and distribute meaningful contents of their activities to ensure greater coverage of their work and achievements to increase the number of people who benefit from their work and enjoy its fruits without imposing new tasks or creating distractions. your managers and staff.

In summary, thanks to the functionalities and synchronization of content that allows ChapterSync © You will have more coverage, better results and less effort.We will distribute your information in more formats, through more media, on more platforms with more personalized messages, all of which will allow you to attract more audiences with less effort than they need today.

By organizing, synchronizing and programming your content we take advantage of everything you already have to identify what is needed and create it, catalog it, distribute it and reuse it whenever it is convenient, giving the organization a world of contents that will enrich your presence and facilitate your future growth.