Board Member and Staff Tools

Easy-to-use interface and collaborative tools with fully customizable dashboards, integrated task management, project collaboration, and more

ChapterSync ™ provides the tools to improve your team's productivity

Regardless of your role in your local Chapter, ChapterSync ™ helps you get the job done with features and services designed specifically for you.

The purpose of the Role Manager for the Board and the staff is to make your work easier and more efficient.

Key Features:

Easily add, edit, or delete board member and staff information.

Manten la información siempre correcta y actualizada

Custom Fields

In addition to the usual information (name, email, address, phone, etc.), you can add as many custom fields as you need.

35/5000 Find out who is on each committee

You can see a complete list of all board committees and who is on each committee.

Collaborative Tools

Project collaboration, file sharing, managing deadlines, and meeting goals

Access exclusive resources from the Board

An area restricted to board members and staff to find links to private documents, with access restricted by roles.

Management of deadlines and goals fulfillment

The tools for managing deadlines and tracking objectives help work teams to measure progress accurately and therefore, to reach objectives in time and cost.