Communicate with your audience

Establish a personal connection with your members.

ChapterSync™ offers a variety of channels to better target your members and better communicate your message

Features that create awareness and build rapport.

Mailing List Manager

ChapterSync ™ Mailing List Manager lets you easily create, edit, and segment mailing lists according to your campaign needs. Have a well-maintained mailing list, communicate with your target audience better.

Communication Automated Tools

Using ChapterSync™, you can send automated newsletters and disseminate your website content through your social networks automatically. Even more, you can also broadcast your content to other websites in your network (chapters and association.)

Social Networks Integration

Social media and your website should work seamlessly together to promote your chapter’s online brand. Improve your members experience with social login, and increase your website registration conversions and retention. Make your content shareable to increase awareness of your chapter’s work.

Online Conferences and Webinars

Run webinars to teach, train, coach, onboard and create awareness. Perform live interactive events that your members join on their desktop or mobile device over the Internet.

Video Content

One of the biggest benefits to video is that you can more easily put a human face on your association and chapters, building a more strong relationship with your members. Also, videos are more likely to go viral than a text content helping you to attract new members.

Online Chat and Messaging

Reach your members, instantly via web, mobile, and messaging. Live chat and messaging create a personal connection with members looking for help. Having their questions answered in a timely manner makes a positive impression on your chapter adding trustability to your association.