Integral Chapter Sites and Content Management System

Professional & Customized Easy to Manage Websites for your Chapters

The point where technology, our expertise and your success meet!

ChapterSync™ CMS Includes different type of tools such as blogs, forms, video and photo galleries, and much more, with the ability to clone as many chapter sites as your association needs and customize them to fit every chapter's needs.
Professional Website Design

Our in-house team of project managers, designers, developers and search marketing specialists use the latest in technology to create actionable results. Our team of experts will work together with you to understand your goals and provide solutions that will help you to achieve your goals.

User Roles and Capabilities

Give each user only the level of access they need. This is key for security, so no one can make unapproved changes or delete content accidentally. You can also define which chapters a user can access and set up super administrators with full access at a single chapter level or globally for the entire association.

Web Domain

If you don’t have a domain name yet, we’ll help you register one. If you alredy have one, you can keep it pointing it to your new ChapterSync™ website. Subdomains of your main association domain can also be used.

Content Publishing

The system has several post status to control when your content should go live, allowing for other board members to review and approve it. You can also decide which content is available for everybody and which content can be viewed only by certain people.

Website Visibility and SEO

Website visibility is the result of applying a plan to improve the ranking of your chapter’s website on search engines, when searching for a certain keyword or key-phrase. ChapterSync™ CMS provides measurement tools, best practice guidelines and expert guidance. SEO begins from the moment you publish yoir content and our CMS is prepared for it.

Analytics & Insights

Consistent tracking, analysis and reporting are essential to continuous learning and improving your strategies. Our analytics team will customize insights across all of your channels, integrating email, social, mobile, and web, as well as other mixed data streams into our diagnostics in order you better understand your members’ behaviors and preferences.